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Magic: Water.
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Gender: Female.
Description: Here.

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Bleeding Child/Lita
Age: 10
Gender: Female.
Magic: none known yet
Description: no description. Hers will be revealed as we go

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Bleeding Child/Lita
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Magic: He doesn't have any magic. He dislikes it because it makes him feel uneasy
Description: here

played by:
Sailor Soup/Eva
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Magic: Earth
Description: He like to fight. And mostly wins.


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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Ya know, I'm gonna get the people here to get this back up... Yeah, that's waht I'm gonna do!

Posted at 10:03 am by ~Eva/Sailor Soup
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Monday, February 09, 2004
long time no see

ooc: geez, no one's posted in a long time...wanna keep goin on this rp or just screw it?

Posted at 02:55 pm by bleeding child
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Tuesday, December 09, 2003
a-one, a-two a-one two three four...

"It's easier just to kill 'em. We'll have a large meal tonight, judging by the size of that thing," Erika said, nodding to the wolf. She kept her bow drawn, eyeing the trees. Memory struck. I...remember this place A searing pain ran through her eyes up to her head. The sun was so bright...was it supposed to be that white? The trees started to dim and fade to black, the scene blurring. I can't see! The last thing she felt before blacking out was her body hitting the soft moss floor of the forest.

The woman braced herself for the cold shock she was about to recieve. "whoosh!" The string was released. She barely had time to look up before the arrow pierced her skin. She staggered backwards, breathing hard, forcing her chest to constrict in and out. And then she slowly went down, landing strewn across the floor with blood spilling from her open wound. In the distance, shouts were heard. "Save the child! Oh what a poor thing, her mother dying like this..."

Her eyes focused, blinking. There was something very familiar about that scene, but she couldn't put her finger on what. Gary was standing over her, watching Erika's eyelids peel apart. Slowly, she stood. "I'm okay..." she said drearily. "...the light gave me a headache, that's all" Her dizzyness began to fade.

Gary let out an echoing laugh. "It's okay, the squirt just can't handle too much sun. It ruins her complexion, you see." He said, winking to Fae and Mizu. He turned his head to the bloody body. "What'll we do with that guy?" He asked.

Posted at 03:52 pm by bleeding child
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Sunday, December 07, 2003
Mizu.....La La La.

Mizu looked at the bloddy body and then the limp wolf. "NNOO!!!" Her face turned to Fae, "YOU KILLED THE WOLF!!" Her eyes were hurt and then said, "Just say 'go away and never come back' over and over as you draw near the wolf and it'll turn tail and never come back.


ooc: ^^ I got that from a movie. ^^

Posted at 07:42 pm by ~Eva/Sailor Soup
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Anybody home?

((Are you still here, Eva? Icchan? I feel so lost and alone...anyways, I have to go. Bye!))

Posted at 07:32 pm by bleeding child
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Finding Nemo...Fae

Erika caught up with Gary and Mizu, panting. "Do you see Fa-" She stopped, her eyes meeting the bloody lump. She jogged over, feeling silence come over the group. "Will they be alright?" Erika asked, holding her bow in one hand. Turning, she saw the wolf corpse. "Nice kill."

Posted at 07:20 pm by bleeding child
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Fae reaches a hollow in the woods. She gasped as she saw a bloody lump in the distance, with a wold standing close over it. As she drew closer she noticed that the person was still alive. at this point, Fae had grone quite mad. She gather her power into a point on her hand, her magic dancing with emence power. a small ball of electicity apeared in her hand and she thrust it at the wolf, killing it in one shot. she ran to the bloodied body, then heard the shouting of her companions.

Posted at 07:12 pm by Icchan
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Muffins in red

Erika drew her bow, walking outside the cabin. She scowled. "We'll never get them back now. Poor girls, suddenly going crazy and running off like that..." She turned to Gary, who had followed her out. "I'm not a 'squirt'" she said defensivley. "And they didn't pick me up... I found them."

"Whatever, Squirt. I'm catching up with the ladies." He ran after them, Strong legs propelling him quickly through the thick brush

"Wait! Don't leave me here!" she cried, following him into the forest.

Posted at 07:04 pm by bleeding child
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"Hey! Wait-up!" Mizu Called and ran after her and dropped the letter on the floor as she went after Fae.

Posted at 06:57 pm by ~Eva/Sailor Soup
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Fae's head darted in the direction of the scream. "I'll go check it out--it is my duty to help those within the forest" Fae ran out of her cabin and into the forest following the eching sound of runing footsteps, and the creature that pursied them...


I'm gonna make a new charactor too!!

Posted at 06:54 pm by Icchan
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